Initiatives focuses on three pillars of work:

Think Deeply

Think Deeply

Publishing reports and studies and engaging with governments in a dialogue about cutting-edge technologies and innovation-enabling policies.

Give Back

Give Back

Partnering with leading organizations to empower and expand the technological workforce of tomorrow.

Look Forward

Look Forward

Preparing for the future by supporting diversity, inclusion, and economic opportunity for all.


In addition to highlighting the next generation of technologies, will work to develop the next-generation technological workforce.

This is important because nearly 500,000 computing jobs in the United States remain unfilled today while American universities only produce about 43,000 computer science graduates each year. partners with organizations that share our commitment to supporting and expanding efforts to attract girls and other underrepresented groups to take up computer science careers.

Reports conducts original research and in-depth writing with several aims:

explaining new technologies in plain English for policymakers and the general public

highlighting software’s role in supporting other industries and growing the overall economy; and,

outlining the importance of the proper policy environment for technology overall.

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