About Us

Every day, software unlocks new insights from the world around us and brings to life the devices and services that enrich our lives. And with each innovation, our ability to stay ahead of – and plan for – the future becomes more challenging.

We launched Software.org – an independent and nonpartisan international research organization – to help policymakers and the broader public better understand the impact that software has on our lives, our economy, and our society. We believe that by working together to examine these issues we can better prepare for the future and help inform government policies and industry culture that will promote both technological advancement and widespread growth.

At the same time, Software.org will work to empower the workforce of the future and to help policymakers, stakeholders, and the technology industry itself look forward and prepare for the world of tomorrow. Software.org will:

  • Think Deeply: Publishing reports and studies and engaging with governments in a dialogue about cutting-edge technologies and innovation-enabling policies.
  • Give Back: Partnering with leading organizations to empower and expand the technological workforce of tomorrow.
  • Look Forward: Preparing for the future by supporting diversity, inclusion, and economic opportunity for all.

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