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Almost a year ago, our organization released a report that shows how software jobs are growing in every single US state – everywhere from the coasts to the central plains. In the months since, we’ve been talking to government officials and businesspeople about the benefits that the software industry provides for local economies and local workers.

Unfortunately, all of those conversations circled back to one important point: there aren’t enough people to fill these well-paying jobs. And while educators and schools are importantly ramping up efforts to teach kids to code, those efforts won’t do anything to fill the openings we already have.

That’s why, today, the BSA Foundation is excited to announce the creation of, a website to connect early and mid-career workers with software training opportunities and resources across the country.

Software is transforming nearly every industry, contributing $1 trillion to the US economy and supporting 10.5 million US jobs in the software industry alone – many of which require technical skills. While many companies are struggling to find employees with the right skills, many potential employees are struggling to find the resources they need to develop those skills and apply for these jobs. They might not even know where to start.

Our supporting companies and many other software companies are actively working to solve this problem by offering online and in-person programs to teach people digital skills no matter where they live. These include coding classes, hands-on training, online courses, and certifications. Many state governments also offer resources to help their constituents reskill.

We’ve taken these opportunities and brought them to a single place: Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for people to understand the many software job prospects available to them and allow them to easily connect with training programs.

On our site, users can:

  • Click on an interactive map to see resources in their state;
  • Easily access information about more than 30 software training opportunities with leading companies; and,
  • Find inspiration from the stories of people just like them who are now thriving in the field of software.

Together, we hope to empower Americans to see a successful future in software.

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