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Every day, software unlocks new insights from the world around us and brings to life the devices and services that enrich our lives. And with each innovation, our ability to stay ahead of – and plan for – the future becomes more challenging.

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Our Initiatives

Think Deeply

Think Deeply

Publishing reports and studies and engaging with governments in a dialogue about cutting-edge technologies and innovation-enabling policies.

Give Back

Give Back

Partnering with leading organizations to empower and expand the technological workforce of tomorrow.

Look Forward

Look Forward

Preparing for the future by supporting diversity, inclusion, and economic opportunity for all.


White Papers

Brazil 4.0: The Data-Driven Future of Brazilian Industries

Brazil, the largest economy in Latin America, has begun to take steps toward Industry 4.0.

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2018 EU Economic Impact of Software Report

The Growing €1 Trillion Economic Impact of Software

Learn how the software industry supports 12.7 million EU jobs.

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Every Sector Is a Software Sector: Manufacturing

Every Sector Is a Software Sector

Software is an integral part of every industry, not just the software or tech industries.

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.@Microsoft plans to train 5 lakh youth in #India and establish 10 #AI labs in 10 universities across the country to help the nation keep pace with its rapid digital transformation. #digitalIndia

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