Connecting the Dots Leads AI-focused Senate Staff Delegation Trip to New York City the BSA Foundation last week organized an immersive, three-day educational tour in New York City for senior staff from US Senate Committee and Member offices to help deepen policy leaders’ understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and its vital role in digital transformation. 

Falling with the theme “AI & Software Enabling Digital Transformation,” participants engaged in a series of enlightening sessions, workshops, and discussions, learning from AI experts, technologists, and business leaders at the forefront of emerging technologies. 

Understanding the History and Evolution of AI  

The trip commenced with an engaging program that provided a comprehensive overview of the history and evolution of AI technology, including insights into global and local AI laws and policies. Featured speakers, such as Austin Carson, Founder & President at SeedAI; Aaron Cooper, Vice President, Global Policy at BSA | The Software Alliance; Mike Hind, Distinguished Research Staff Member at IBM’s AI Department; and Grace Yee, Director of Ethical Innovation at Adobe, shared their expertise and perspectives. 

Reception & Dinner Program: Harmonizing Global Perspectives on AI 

A special reception and dinner were hosted at Microsoft’s New York office, offering a platform for participants to interact with UN officials, diplomats, and software executives. The evening was marked by insightful remarks by Under-Secretary General Amandeep Gill, Tech Envoy of the United Nations, and a lively panel discussion that fostered an open exchange of ideas between panelists including Francesca Rossi, Fellow & AI Ethics Global Leader at IBM, and Howie Wachtel, Head of UN and International Organizations Policy at Microsoft. 

Company Visits ExpIored AI’s Intricacies 

The delegation’s visits to leading tech companies provided hands-on experiences and unique insights into AI’s complexities, use cases across sectors and throughout government, ethical considerations, and policy development. Host companies Adobe, Autodesk, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, and SAP featured perspectives from technologists, business leaders, and deep subject matter experts and addressed thoughtful questions raised by the group.  

Exploring AI in Financial Services at Nasdaq MarketSite  

The second evening featured a special session at the Nasdaq MarketSite, where participants delved into real-world applications of AI in financial services. The program focused on AI’s positive impacts on society and the economy, as well as areas that require further exploration and regulation. The distinguished industry panel was moderated by Jeff Bandman, Founder & CEO at Bandman Advisors, and included perspectives from Alex Freemantle, Head of AI Engineering at Nasdaq; Doug Freud, Vice President, Data Architecture & Data Science at SAP; Sid Mansur, Co-founder & CEO at GreenLyne; Ken Sena, Founder & CEO at Aiera; and Ronak Shah, AI & Privacy Counsel at Cohere. 

Bipartisanship and Diversity in Focus strives to ensure bipartisanship and diversity for these important experiences, with senior staff representation from the following offices: 

  • Office of Senator Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee 
  • Office of Senator Ted Budd, North Carolina 
  • Office of Senator Chris Coons, Delaware 
  • Office of Senator John Hickenlooper, Colorado 
  • Office of Senator Martin T. Heinrich, New Mexico 
  • Office of Senator Jacky Rosen, Nevada 
  • Office of Senator Brian Schatz, Hawaii 
  • Office of Senator Dan Sullivan, Alaska 
  • Office of Senator Raphael Warnock, Georgia 
  • Office of Senator Ron Wyden, Oregon 
  • Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation 
  • Senate Committee on Finance 


For more information about or how your company can get involved in these vital educational initiatives, please contact Gideon at 

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