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Digital Transformation Across Sectors Yields Positive Impacts

Digital transformation is changing the way companies do business and impact the world and communities they serve. The adoption of certain digital technologies has allowed companies to promote inclusive economic growth, advance environmental sustainability objectives, and provide new skills opportunities for a competitive workforce. And, we’re just scratching the surface on what’s possible as every company becomes a “tech” company.

BSA | The Software Alliance recently launched the Digital Transformation Network (DTN) to bring together companies from a wide range of industries experiencing digital transformation. DTN will focus on providing tech policy intelligence and a space for business leaders to connect with technology experts and other companies that are taking advantage of digital transformation., the BSA Foundation, will support DTN’s important work exploring and communicating about the exciting new roles technology is playing within companies across sectors, including positive business outcomes and societal benefits.

In conjunction with the DTN launch, BSA has released a new digital transformation-focused primer, “Digital Transformation: A Look at Where We Are and the Promise of What’s to Come.” This report offers an in-depth look into how software is driving global sustainability goals, growing the workforce, and helping expand inclusive economic growth.

Primer coverThe Digital Transformation Network currently includes 16 companies from across the globe, including Abbott, American Express, Amgen, AT&T, Citi, ExxonMobil, General Motors, IKEA, Lumen, Mastercard, Medtronic, Panasonic, RELX, United Airlines, Verizon, and Visa.

To learn more about the current state of digital transformation, read our new primer. Learn more about the Digital Transformation Network by visiting

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