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Applications for Girls Who Code Are Open!

This summer’s programming will bring together two of our most important priorities – and we hope you’ll help.

For several years now, has partnered with Girls Who Code to highlight the need to diversify access to software skills. We host groups of young women from the DC area for an immersive summer program where the high schoolers have the chance to learn the basics of coding and robotics, get insights into tech careers, and build a network of like-minded students and supportive mentors.

At the same time has long highlighted the need to expand access to high-speed internet in underserved communities and rural areas. By making the internet more widely available, not only will access for business and personal use of online services increase, but the number of places where people can work on jobs that leverage software s will also grow.

This summer, we’re going to combine those efforts, and that’s where you come in.

Because of the continuing response to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s Girls Who Code class will be virtual. That means our physical classroom in Washington remains closed, but it also means that the doors to the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program will be thrown open to young women who live far outside the DC area. In fact, it will be open to young women almost anywhere in the US.

If you know a rising sophomore, junior, or senior in high school who might have an interest in building the future through code, we’d like to help them get a sneak peek at how coding can help them advance careers in many fields, including technology. And don’t let challenges with internet access or a computer stand in their way. We’ll help if we can. Please send them to to learn more.

Jobs that leverage software will continue to grow dramatically in the coming years, and the pandemic response has demonstrated the power and possibilities of remote work. That means that efforts to diversify the technology workforce must expand even more quickly today.

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