Reports conducts original research and in-depth writing with several aims:

explaining new technologies in plain English for policymakers and the general public

highlighting software’s role in supporting other industries and growing the overall economy; and,

outlining the importance of the proper policy environment for technology overall.

Issue Brief

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Puts Spotlight on Blockchain Benefits

Blockchain technology can be used to support immunization efforts. 5G report

5G Is Software

An introduction to 5G and the underlying software powering next generation wireless networks.

White Papers

IT Modernization

Software solutions can be tapped to help government make needed changes.

Privacy Shield: What It Is and Why You Should Care
White Papers

Privacy Shield: What It Is and Why You Should Care

An overview of the main issues at stake with Privacy Shield.

Software: Growing US Jobs and the GDP report

Software: Growing US Jobs and the GDP (2019)

New study finds software jobs growing twice as fast as US jobs overall.

White Papers

Brazil 4.0: The Data-Driven Future of Brazilian Industries

Brazil, the largest economy in Latin America, has begun to take steps toward Industry 4.0.

2018 EU Economic Impact of Software Report

The Growing €1 Trillion Economic Impact of Software (2018)

Learn how the software industry supports 12.7 million EU jobs.


Every Sector Is a Software Sector

Software is an integral part of every industry, not just the software or tech industries.

5G is Software

Artificial Intelligence: Maximizing the Benefits

Discover what AI is, how it works, and the fundamental benefits it helps cultivate.

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