Rings Nasdaq Closing Bell and Girls Who Code members ring the Nasdaq closing bell

WASHINGTON – the BSA Foundation rang the closing bell at the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square on Thursday, Aug. 3 to commemorate the impact of software and its role in building an inclusive economy.

Gideon Lett, the General Manager of and Chief Growth Officer for BSA | The Software Alliance, led a group of software companies and students from the Girls Who Code program in ringing the closing bell for a leading global exchange.  

A link to video of the ceremony is available here.

“Now with the ever-changing and accelerating pace of technological advancement, organizations like the BSA Foundation play an essential role in promoting responsible innovation and an inclusive workforce,” said Nasdaq’s Rob Phillips during remarks before the closing bell ceremony. “The AI moment that we’re experiencing demands all of us to navigate this transformative landscape with care and foresight, and your organization is at the forefront of this endeavor.”

“ was established to think deeply about the impact of new technologies – to our lives, the economy, society, and beyond,” said Lett. “Now more than ever, given the AI moment we’re experiencing, we need a diverse workforce to further responsible and inclusive development, and to work together and build shared understanding among policymakers and stakeholders.”

The delegation to Nasdaq was joined by students from Girls Who Code, the nonprofit organization promoting career pathways in STEM for young women. has partnered with Girls Who Code for nine straight years, having recently concluded its Summer Immersion Program in recent weeks.

Lett also thanked supporting companies Adobe, Autodesk, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, and Unity Technologies during the remarks. is the nonprofit affiliate of BSA | The Software Alliance, and works to promote the impact of software and careers within the industry through original research, educational engagement with policy leaders, and partnerships.

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