2022 Girls Who Code

Software.org: the BSA Foundation is excited to partner with Girls Who Code to help close the tech gender gap by hosting rising 10th, 11th, and 12th grade girls for the 2022 Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program (SIP). This year’s SIP will once again take place as a fully virtual classroom.

Girls Who Code instructors will devote the bulk of the two-week instruction time to teaching students—many of whom enter the course with no prior coding experience—the basics of web development through interactive lessons and projects. Students will learn how to create their own website using HTML and CSS and learn about coding logic by creating a personality quiz app using JavaScript. Finally, students will create a final project of their choosing using the skills they learned and present it to their peers at a final project showcase. Throughout the program, students will also participate in a series of mentorship workshops, learn about career opportunities in STEM from women working in the software industry, and meet with Members of Congress on Capitol Hill.

Software.org continues the work of BSA | The Software Alliance, which has sponsored a DC Girls Who Code SIP classroom since the program’s creation in 2015.

To learn more about last year’s program, visit the 2021 Girls Who Code page.

Tevani Hibbert

Hi! My name is Tevani Hibbert, I have graduated with a B.S. in computer science with a minor in physics from Long Island University-Post. I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and I am currently working as a coding teacher in New York with aspirations of becoming a front end web developer or working in the STEM nonprofit sector in the near future. My interests and hobbies include (but are definitely not limited to) reading, program planning, ameture graphic design, trying new things, cooking and traveling.

Jennifer Flores
Lead Teaching Assistant

I’m Jennifer Flores, and I am a senior at Mills College, majoring in Computer Science. I live in San Leandro. My professional goals are to become a software engineer, work in a small company where inclusion, good internal communication and support for the workforce. I started coding in highschool when I was accepted in the Summer immersion Program and since then I have worked toward my dreams to learn more and practice the languages I do now as of now. Some of my skills are communication, organization, and enjoy working in teams. I am proficient in Java, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I am practicing Python, Kotlin and C++. When I am not coding, I am hiking, watching scary movies, cleaning/organizing, and reading a book.

Kathryn Cruz
Teaching Assistant

I’m Kathryn Cruz, and I am an undergraduate student majoring in computer science at the University of Notre Dame and computing and applied mathematics at Saint Mary’s College. I’m interested in the intersection between psychology and technology. Specifically, I hope to provide new mental health resources through progressive software development. I’ve also found that my passion for coding has intertwined significantly with my passion for women’s rights advocacy! My outside interests include golfing, music, reading, and traveling.

Courtney Thang
Teaching Assistant

Hello ! I’m Courtney Thang and I am currently an undergraduate Computer Science student at Michigan State University. Outside of Girls Who Code, I work as a student communications assistant at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams! My career goal is to become a Software Engineer and/or Web Developer! I developed my interest in coding through video games and other inspiring women software engineers. My interests include fashion, video games, and watching anime/reading manga.

Aranna Tasnim
Teaching Assistant

Hey. I am Aranna Tasnim. I am an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in Computer Science. Currently I am interested in becoming a Software Engineer because I like coding. The days I don’t like coding, you can find me reading or painting and sometimes writing poems.

Olivia Wilson
Teaching Assistant

Hi! I am Olivia Wilson, and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Vermont. I am pursuing a B.S. degree in computer science. I am interested in software engineering and specifically helping progress health and wellness technology. Outside of computer science, I love eating different types of food, watching anime, skiing, and gardening.

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