Virtual Event: Trust and Transparency in the Deepfake Era – How State Legislators Can Set Standards for Digital Content

March 10, 2021

Software-enabled innovation has unleashed a flood of creativity and allowed people to create content, connect, and share their work online in myriad new ways. At the same time, some users take advantage of these tools to create and share inauthentic content – commonly known as deepfakes.

This invitation-only virtual event convenes state legislators for an exclusive roundtable discussion focused on the emerging paths to address digital disinformation and inauthentic content. Leaders in industry and government will hear from experts on inauthentic content and have the chance to discuss legislative and regulatory solutions.

The event will feature:

  • Context on the risks of deepfakes from technology expert Nina Schick
  • A keynote presentation from Dana Rao, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Adobe
  • Remarks by California Assemblymember Marc Berman and New York State Senator Diane Savino
  • A roundtable discussion with state legislators
  • Remarks from Executive Director Chris Hopfensperger