Mentorship Workshop: BSA and Software Company Leaders Share the Importance of Networking and Mentorship

July 19, 2021

At the Summer Immersion Program’s midpoint, members of the web and communications teams, as well as mentors from the policy teams at Salesforce and Twilio, led an interactive conversation with students about their career paths and the importance of mentorship and sisterhood along the way.

Tina Furuki and Stefania Durden shared their experiences working in HTML and CSS to manage’s website and the global website for BSA | The Software Alliance in nine different languages! Tina and Stef also provided helpful feedback and advice for students working on their personality quizzes and final projects (especially the semicolons!)
Students also heard from Danielle Gilliam-Moore and Leticia Lewis, two former BSA team members who now work on global technology policy issues for Salesforce and Twilio, respectively. These amazing women offered great advice to the students on preparing for college and setting off on a career in STEM.