Guest Speakers: Pranathi Pulimamidy and Rhonda Foxx

July 21, 2021

Continuing our efforts to connect students with mentors working in and around the technology sector, Executive Director Chris Hopfensperger moderated a conversation with two distinguished women working for leading software companies: Pranathi Pulimamidy (Director of Engineering at Autodesk) and Rhonda Foxx (Head of External Affairs at Intel).

As an experienced software engineer currently working in the field, Pranathi described her day-to-day work as an engineer and how she leads her team to solve problems and achieve their goals. Meanwhile, Rhonda shared her own unique path transitioning from a career working on Capitol Hill to working at a leading global technology firm. She noted that 20% of Intel’s workforce is comprised of “non-technical roles”—such as legal, policy, and business strategy leaders at the company—demonstrating that you don’t need to be a coder to work in technology.

In open Q&A with our students, both women offered phenomenal advice about building personal networks, taking advantage of the current virtual meeting and remote work culture for informational interviews and mentorship sessions, combatting imposter syndrome, and sticking up for your worth and values in job negotiations.