Connecting the Dots Congressional Staff Delegation Visits New York the BSA Foundation recently led a congressional staff delegation to New York City, visiting prominent software companies to discuss digital transformation and AI’s evolving role in the economy and society. The delegation engaged directly with Adobe, Autodesk, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP to explore themes such as how AI enhances cybersecurity, improves health outcomes, and boosts business productivity – while being developed and deployed responsibly.

Highlights included SAP’s business AI applications, Adobe’s content authenticity efforts, Microsoft’s core AI principles, Oracle’s AI-driven healthcare solutions, Salesforce’s safe AI integration, IBM’s AI governance and global engagement, and Autodesk’s sustainable AI technologies for architecture and construction.

The discussions among policymakers and company leaders underscored the importance of ethical and responsible AI development across various sectors, emphasizing the collaboration between government and industry to advance technological innovation while addressing ethical considerations.

For those interested in learning more about the BSA Foundation, contact Gideon Lett for more information.

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